Fire Protection

Fire Protection

The ability to provide water to a community for fire protection can heavily influence:

Home Construction
Insurance Rates
Commercial Growth

A well-maintained water system is critical in protecting communities from the ever-present threat of fire. Firefighters rely on accessible and properly maintained fire hydrants. This maintenance is supported through our water bills.

Our System

We maintain approximately 15 miles of water main that supply 82 fire hydrants throughout the Sugarloaf Resort community.

Our water system provides reliable water at pressures and volumes that can mean the difference between a manageable fire and a neighborhood inferno.

Fire Hydrants

Our team’s Hydrant Maintenance Program requires every hydrant to be inspected, operated, and shut down biannually, at a minimum. Any required maintenance or repairs are made the same day if possible, and normally completed within 24 hours.

Condo associations and their property managers, Sugarloaf Property Management, and our team work hard to keep all fire hydrants clear of snow in the winter and overgrowth in the summer. The winter season can be a real challenge. Snowstorms can bury hydrants causing dangerous delays in the efforts of fire fighters trying to respond to fire emergencies at a time of year when we are at our greatest risk.

Report blocked Hydrants to your property manager. If you don’t know who is responsible for keeping the hydrant clear, contact our office and we we give you that information and make sure the hydrant is cleared as soon as possible.