Water Quality

Water Quality

There are several things in life that we take for granted. Water is very often one of them. Each of us uses this vital liquid, the most common substance on earth, every day. And we rarely think twice about it. However, the water we use for cooking, drinking, and countless other domestic tasks will quickly catch our attention when there is some sort of problem.

Although many people expect their drinking water to be “flavorless”, natural and processed drinking waters have flavors due to minerals and organics in the source water. Water is known as the universal solvent. Before it reaches our customers tap, it comes into contact with many different substances, such as gases, minerals, and organic matter, as well as our distribution system and the customers own plumbing. Water picks up traces of these substances, and unfortunately, some of them may cause taste, odor, color, or turbidity problems for the consumer.

Another common characteristic of water from public systems is the taste and odor of chlorine, which can be quite noticeable in water systems that disinfect with chlorine. Although this is an important step in the treatment of water because it destroys bacteria and other harmful organisms that may be present in water, there is no doubt that chlorine from the disinfection treatment process can make the water less palatable.

Aesthetic characteristics are not usually related to public health, they are regulated by secondary standards, or water quality goals. Water quality goals are not mandatory or enforced. Nevertheless, customers who find the taste or smell of tap water disagreeable often assume the water is of poor quality and, therefore, unsafe to drink.

In addition to making sure our water is safe to drink, we make every reasonable effort to meet our customer expectations for our water’s aesthetic characteristics, its taste, odor, and appearance. Although most contaminants that cause aesthetic problems in drinking water are not considered a threat to human health, unpleasant tastes and odors are the most common cause of customer complaints, and they often play a role when customers choose alternative supplies such as bottled water.

Some aesthetic characteristics, or even contaminates well with in regulatory limit for drinking water may be undesirable to some consumers. Secondary water treatment systems like the systems offered by Kinetico can provide an excellent, and much more economical option over bottled water for many tap water consumers.

Our water meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards.

We continually monitor our water sources and our entire treatment and distribution process using video surveillance and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

We conduct physical security/maintenance checks of all major water system assets daily.

We test the water in our distribution system daily.

We conduct tests for more than 80 contaminants and comply with nearly 90 regulations for water safety and quality every year. The results of these water quality tests are summarized in an annual Consumer Confidence Report that is posted throughout the resort, emailed to owners and property managers, as well as available for download here. A copy of our Consumer Confidence Report may be obtained any time by contacting our office.

Our annual Consumer Confidence Report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to you every day. Our duty is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of water, and we want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment and distribution process, and protect our water resources.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.