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Lead and Copper Education

Here is a quick link to our customer letter that we sent out for our Lead and Copper Education Program. Any additional questions can be directed to the contact information in the letter.

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2022 Consumer Confidence Report.

We are pleased to post our 2022 Consumer Confidence Report. Every year, each community water system must produce a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and distribute it to their consumers by July 1st. As of January 3rd, 2013, the EPA is allowing community water systems to distribute their CCR’s electronically. The Sugarloaf Water Association has opted to post our CCR to our website, and notify...

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Necessary Changes to our Water Supply Mix

The Sugarloaf Water Association has made some necessary changes to our water supply mix as we manage our operations without the use of well 2. As a reminder, SWA tested all of our well supplies in 2022 for PFAS and well 2 results were above the newly established state standard for PFAS levels in drinking water. Appropriately, well 2 has not been in use since October 2022. To fill the water supply...

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Maine State Required PFAS Testing

Water tests recently collected for our system show that the level of PFAS in a water source at this facility is 24.6 parts per trillion (ppt). This is above the State drinking water standard for PFAS which is 20 ppt (parts per trillion). PFAS refers to a family of chemicals that have been used for a long time in many household and industrial products. PFAS in drinking water can come from...

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