Necessary Changes to our Water Supply Mix

Posted on Jan 1, 2023

The Sugarloaf Water Association has made some necessary changes to our water supply mix as we manage our operations without the use of well 2. As a reminder, SWA tested all of our well supplies in 2022 for PFAS and well 2 results were above the newly established state standard for PFAS levels in drinking water. Appropriately, well 2 has not been in use since October 2022.

To fill the water supply void caused by the shut down of well 2, SWA has been operating well 3, located near the golf course. Well 3 has been a back up well for some time due to its location and operational limitations in pumping water from well 3 to higher elevations.

For customers below Mountainside Road, well 3 is now the dominant water supply source, where previously a blend of our supplies would be transferred to this area. As a result, some customers might notice slight changes in aesthetics; primarily taste and hardness. For additional water hardness information from the Maine CDC click Here

These changes are normal and expected, and we continue to evaluate opportunities to enhance our water supply mix.

SWA wants to assure you that all water delivered to customers meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for water quality.